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manage your rental property hassle-free while generating more revenue

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We specialize in Marketing, Booking Services, and Property

Southwest Florida’s Premier Airbnb co-hosting company

Sunshine co-hosting 

Sunshine Co-Hosting is a property owner-focused professional Airbnb Vacation Rental Management Company servicing the beautiful Cape Coral, Florida area.

As a Michigan native, Joe Delfgauw (owner of Sunshine Co-Hosting) noticed that it was common for “Michiganders” to spend their winters in the Sunshine State. It wasn’t until 2020, after over a decade of regularly visiting Florida, when Joe and his family decided to buy a house in Cape Coral, Florida.

Upon finalizing the deal, Joe figured he would list his house on Airbnb, since he would not be staying there all year round. This is when he started reaching out to other, Southwest Florida-based, Airbnb hosts to see what they were doing for cleaning services, local support, and various other things that come with renting out a piece of property.

To Joe’s surprise, there was not a company in the area that hosts were using for extra support, like checking guests in and out, property repairs, or marketing and promotions. This led to Joe creating Sunshine Co-Hosting, Southwest Florida’s Premier Airbnb Co-hosting service.

OUR Services

Vacation Rental Management Experts and Local Service Providers

Residential Cleaning

Starting from $150

Landscaping Services

Starting from $100


Pool Maintenance

Starting from $100


Marketing Services

Included in Revenue Based Booking Plan


Grill Cleaning

Starting from $30


Maintenance Services

Pricing based on Repair or Service 


The Sunshine Co-hosting Family

Joe Delfgauw

Joe Delfgauw

Founder & CEO

Dawn Matthews Edwards

Dawn Matthews Edwards


Adam Firsht

Adam Firsht

Digital Market Professional

The Sunshine Co-Hosting family is excited to work with you. We have marketing professionals that have a combined total of over a century of experience. We are loyal to the beautiful Cape Coral area, and can’t wait to welcome you into our family.

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Our Revenue Booking Plan

We Only Charge 10% of total Revenue per-booking

Sunshine Co-Hosting believes that our success should be measured by yours, but your success should also be affordable to you. We have designed a uniform, percentage-based pricing scheme that fits all budgets, big or small, and allows you to fully reap the rewards of our service.