How to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

by Jul 13, 2021Vacation Rental Management, Vacation Rental Pricing

As more people are getting their vaccines and feeling safe to travel again, vacation rental property owners have a lot to consider when marketing their property online. 

Property owners will need to continue following social distancing guidelines. They will also need to update their websites on their home being sanitized between each stay. This helps educate potential guests about their extra cleaning habits. 

Along with keeping up with covid restrictions, property owners need to have great descriptions, photos showcasing the home, and add personal touches to make their rental stand out from the competition. Here are a few tips to make your vacation memorable as travelers begin to search for their next stay. 

Keep your colors simple

When choosing what sort of vibe you are trying to create for your renters, keeping it calm and straightforward. Choosing neutrals as your foundation will give you the ability to set the mood with certain accent colors. 

For example, when deciding on a beach theme, stick to creams, light blues, and seafoam green. Keep the canvas of your home clean as you stick to one or two tones on the walls and floors. Add furniture that will cozy, yet easy to clean between guests. Then accessorize with throw pillows, colorful vases, and art. 

The coziness, as well as simplicity, will catch your potential guest’s eye as they scan for possible vacation homes on search engines.

Use High-Quality Photos

To showcase your home in the best way, think about hiring a professional photographer. Photos are one of the first things travelers see when looking at vacation rental listing sites. It also can be the main decider on whether the renter wants to stay at your home or not. 

Photos need to make a big impression in order to grab on-lookers’ attention. They are what deliver the type of guest experience you are offering to your vacationers. Without good photos, it’s hard to sell your property to anyone if they don’t know what it looks like before they enter. No one will rent a room, cottage, or cabin going into it blind. 

Highlight your Best Features

After your photos have been taken of your property, make sure you have snapped a few that showcase the home’s best features. 

Whether it’s a great view overlooking the city or a 6 person hot tub in the backyard, show it off. If you are on a budget and can’t afford a professional to take exuberant photos of the area, use stock photos. 

For example, if you live on a well-known lake or an infamous mountain, take a stock photo of your local attraction. You are still demonstrating what your area has to offer without breaking the bank. 

A Video of the Property

If pictures don’t do the home any justice, take a video of it. People can be skeptical if a photo looks too good due to photoshopping and scammers. A video shows the legitimacy of the property, letting renters know it is real, not a scam, and authentic. 

Video clips of the property can provide a true-to-life representation. There is no need to make a 7-minute long video with a voice-over of the property. Long videos disengage a person’s attention span. Short clips of each area will give a professional glimpse of the property. 

Make sure your videos are done with a professional. Clean, precise and focused. This also demonstrates the credibility of your rental home compared to others. 

Provide Small Necessities

It’s the little things that turn a bad review into a good review. When renters search for a short-term rental they are looking for vacation properties that can give them a home away from home. 

Including nice bedding, extra blankets, beach towels, and small bottled soaps provide comfort and luxury to rental. Especially when you buy high-quality linen, towels, and amenities. Going the extra mile makes your guests feel welcomed, pampered, and special.

But remind your guests that none of the items are theirs to take. If they do, you can find them for a small fee, just make sure it is in the rule book and on your website. A rental property is different from a commercial brand hotel. You don’t have money in your back pocket to replace these items as easily. 

Upgrade your Wifi and streaming service

99% of people have a smartphone nowadays. Giving good wifi to your renters will result in a positive review. Everyone needs a reliable connection whether it’s to scroll through social media or look up restaurants near them. 

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