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Joe Delfgauw Offers a Great Co-Hosting Option

Hello friends, Joe Delfgauw here.

With as often as you see me in the Cape Coral, Florida area, many of you might not know that I’m actually a Michigan native (Grand Rapids, to be exact).

And if you’re a Florida local, you might not know that many “Michiganders” actually spend their winters in the Sunshine State as well.

For me and my family, after over a decade of visiting Florida, we finally decided to buy a house in Cape Coral. It was exciting to be able to have a place to call home when we traveled each winter.

But what would we do with the house for the rest of the year when we weren’t using it? Well, like many others, we thought “we’ll list our house on Airbnb.”

From there I started reaching out to some other Florida AirBnB hosts to see what they were doing in terms of rental property upkeep. (You know, maintenance, cleaning services– the basic rental property basics.)

To my surprise, a lot of the hosts were handling these duties themselves. Beyond that, these hosts were checking guests in and out themselves, and handling their own listings and marketing promotions.

Candidly, I didn’t want to do all of those things myself. I’m a full-time husband, father, and entrepreneur. But I also didn’t want my house to sit unused for so many months out of the year.

That’s when I decided to create Sunshine Co-Hosting, the premier Airbnb co-hosting service in Southwest Florida.

Need a Co-Hosting You Can Trust? Joe Delfgauw Can Help

Sunshine Co-Hosting has gotten an incredible local response because I designed it to be a fully turnkey Airbnb co-hosting option. 

We handle everything from residential cleaning, landscaping services, and pool maintenance, to grill cleaning, general maintenance, and more. 

Not only that, but my company also handles the clerical side of running an Airbnb– including photos, listings, and the all-important marketing. 

The team I’ve assembled has a combined century of experience and we’ve been serving the Cape Coral Airbnb market ever since. 

I use Sunshine Co-Hosting for my own personal Cape Coral, Florida home, and I can guarantee you the same personal touch that I expect for my own property.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our family– and maybe we’ll see you the next time we’re in Cape Coral. 

~ Joe Delfgauw

Joe Delfgauw offers the very best in AirBNB co-hosting options in Southwest Florida.