Responsibilities of a Rental Co-host

by May 11, 2021Blog Posts, Vacation Rental Management

The co-host on an Airbnb property can range from your neighbor or partner who co owns the property, to a vacation rental agency who handles everything from your listing to your customers. A co-host helps manage the property by updating the calendar and pricing, hire cleaning services, and much more. Being in control of a rental property requires a lot of effort on the part of the vocational rental managers.  A co-host is someone contracted to assist the host by doing as much or as little as the host would like.

The co-host is directed by the host on what their responsibilities are. This could be a variety of managing tasks from getting back to potential guests to calling certain services for lawn care, cleaning, and more. The tasks are decided by the host on what the co-host should focus on. 

Here a couple of responsibilities a co-host would be doing:


Interacting with guests

When booking guests for the rental, the co-host could be the one who responds back to emails and phone calls, books available dates, and communicates with the guests before, during, and after their stay. This would also include communicating with cleaning staff and emergency services. The co-host is the main person who answers the direct line to the rental. 

One way to interact with the guests is to provide treats, like wine or local goodies, along with a hand written note to give a warm welcome without interacting with the guests in person. As a host, this shows how much you care about your guests’ experience and your dedication to their stay.


Listing Management

Everyday, the co-host will check on the listing of the rental to make sure the description, gallery photos, and calendar are up to date. It’s also helpful to make actual lists to keep on top of certain tasks, rules, and upcoming guests. 

Creating a house manual for the rental is a good guidebook for your guests to look at. There they can find recommendations of restaurants, shops, and activities. This will encourage the care you have for your guests to give them a positive experience and encourage them to write reviews. 

It’s also important to set a list of house rules. This will advise the guests to not break, damage, or cause any mischief on the property. By having a written list of house rules will protect you and your guests. 

And there must always be a list of guests who have stayed in the rental. This can help the vacation rental managers do screen tests on all their newcomers and welcome back regulars. By recognizing and remembering your guests will help them feel more welcome, comfortable, and at home. 


Keeping an eye on the property

A co-host needs to keep an eye inside and outside of the property. Whether it’s checking up on services you have hired like a cleaning crew or maintenance guy, someone should always be aware of what is going on within the property. The co-host always makes sure the plants are watered, the place is ready for new guests, and to be aware of how the guests are treating the property when they stay. 


Booking services

If managing the rental is too much for one person then the co-host will either do the cleaning and house tasks themselves, or call companies who can. These companies could be cleaning crews, pool maintenance, lawn services, and repairmen. As a co-host, they consider reviewing each service before hiring them, making sure they are professional, efficient, and reliable in their field. 

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